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Pricing & Plans

Choose your pricing plan

  • Starter Special

    Great way to get to know our studio, classes & meet the team
    Valid for 3 months
    • Includes 2 Classes
    • Includes a FREE Uniform
    • Trial of our Studio before Monthly Tuition

Little Dragons Karate
$60 a month

Classes Wednesday at 4:30pm & Saturday at 9am

- First Family Member Child $60

- Second Family Member Child


Safety Sparring Gear $99 for

Introductory Price Only

Ages 3 & 4

Starter Special $24.95


Includes 2 Classes and a FREE Uniform.

Once classes are complete you will begin your Monthly Tuition Purchase.

Look under "Information & More" for additional details regarding class grouping, days & times

Monthly Tuition $120
Pay in Studio

Tuition is due each month on the 25th.

- First Family Member Child $120 a month

- Second Family Member Child

$60 a month

- Third Family Member Child $30 a month

Safety Sparring Gear $175 --> REQUIRED
Introductory Price Only
Pay in Studio


Headgear, Hand gear, Footgear, Chest Protector, Shin Guards & Face Shield

Each additional child is another 25% off.

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