“It is not the aim of Kenpo to merely produce a skillful as well as powerful practitioner, but to create a wellintegrated student respectful of all.” 
         -The Great Ed Parker

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Our goal is to provide a safe and positive martial art experience for students from 4 years to adult. We offer a family oriented environment, dedicated to the ageless martial art disciplines of personal fitness, self defense, self respect, self  confidence and self discipline. Our classes are challenging, fun, and motivate our students to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kenpo karate (sometimes called "Kempo karate") is a hybrid martial arts style that combines elements of traditional karate with kenpo jiu-jitsu. The word "kempo" translates to "fist law," while karate means "empty hand." Kenpo karate adds elements of versatility to traditional karate, with an immense number of distinct techniques designed to prepare a kenpo karate practitioner for any and every possible attack situation. With its arsenal of various fist strikes, elbows, throws, and powerhouse kicks, kenpo karate has the potential to be deadly in a situation requiring extreme self-defense.

Our site not only allows you to find out information about our classes, instructors, our martial arts style, and our Cardio-Kick Boxing program,  but we also provide you with a huge selection of quality martial arts products available for purchase online.



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